Back in Action!

Back in Action!

6th November 2020

Having been furloughed for a few months over the summer, the work of the Community Led Housing Hub has now restarted. We are working hard - like many other people - to make up for the lost time.

In our case, this means picking up relationships with partners, groups and supporters to see how we can best work together to make progress with local projects and initiatives. It is inspiring to see how some groups have taken advantage of down time to make real progress. Others have had to put the brakes on their work for now, and we will do everything we can to help them pick up their plans again, when the time is right for them.

We also taking full advantage of the national support network for Hubs and learning from the experience of others all over the country through regular Zoom meetings. This is a crucial part of building the CLH ‘movement’; making sure that as much as possible good practice, advice and information is shared quickly and openly right across the country so all our local groups can benefit when new information comes to light.

Over the winter we are developing and delivering a series of engagement events to support and encourage groups involved in Community Led Housing. We will be drawing on expertise from Cumbria and the rest of the country.

Topics will include:

  • How to engage with your community under social distancing guidelines;
  • Almshouses and their role in meeting modern housing needs;
  • Registered Providers of Social Housing, an introduction;
  • What do proposed changes to the planning system mean for CLH?;
  • Keeping going - individual and group resilience tips.

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